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What are the Akashic Records?

The akashic records is like a library with no space or time where all the information of our soul exists since the beginning to the end of its existence. The answers you receive come from your higher self, guides and masters. I receive the information through my higher self in communication with your higher self. I become a vessel to communicate the answers that come from your huggers self. I offer reading for people, animals, places and projects.

What information can you obtain through an Akashic Records reading?

Everything you would need to keep evolving. Akashic Records will express what you need to hear at this specific moment of your life ( you might not like what they have to day, but it is all done from a place of love and compassion, always) and in this way wake peacefulness in your consciousness. Letting go of a fixed frame of reference and opening up to ASKING and LETTING GO of your fixed ways of how things are or should be, OPENS YOU TO RECEIVE new information and possibly the key to NEW POSSIBILITIES in a relationship, situation or internally for yourself.

The biggest beauty is that being OPEN TO ASK you can possibly perceive YOURSELF from a NEW and DIFFERENT PLACE, which nos going to EXPAND your EXPERIENCE on all the questions you had about your life, relationships and situations. Your openness and WILLINGNESS TO LISTEN AND RECEIVE from a new place is PRICELESS AND LIFE CHANGING for the BETTER.

Consultation format

You can ask 5 or 10 questions and they can be present/past/future. The consultation can be for yourself, your home, your garden, or your pet. For personal and all consultations you need to provide your full name as it appears in your ID, current address and DOB. Address is needed to make sure the info I access is yours and not any other person who might coincidentally carry your exact name.

For pets you need to provide your pet’s name.

For your garden you need to provide the address where the garden is.

If you decide to ask regarding another person, it has to be in relation to you, guides do not answer with information that is outside of the relationship you have with a specific person. In this case you will also need to provide the person’s full name as it appears on their ID, DOB or date when deceased if that’s the case.

It is suggested to formulate question that start with What? How? Why? Topics to be asked can be about personal, work, relationship, family matters etc.

Questions that lead to a Yes or No answers are not accepted. Akashic Records reading is NOT a divination technique. I answer the questions in private and send it via what’s app afterwards.

I suggest to take a few minutes and connect to your breathing and the intention you have for your consultation .

After a few minutes start

Writing your questions while you stay focused in your intention and do your best to ask a rich question. For example: if you asks to another person on the street: Where do I go? The answer you might get can be very vague. But if you ask someone on the street: Where can I eat the best Pizza in this town? The answer you will get will be way more specific and focused to your inquire.

How does it work?

With the consultant permission I open their Akashic Records after mine, in which I connect with both my and your guides, masters, teachers. They are the ones that give the answers to your questions. It’s like having a team of great mentors, who are here to guide you in the process of you getting the lessons on your own. That’s how empowerment, growth and deep change works, by integrating the info into yourself.

What questions can you ask?

Questions that lead to yes or no are not possible to ask, because your guides are not fortune tellers and there is never a simple yes or no tu human problems.

The best questions to ask your guides start with:

* What?

* Why?

* How?

People ask about all aspects of life—from business, career, health, family and parenting, to speaking with loved ones who have crossed over. It really depends on where the client is in their life and what clarity they are seeking. The records will respond to your authentic self.

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