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Patricia Buraschi 


A few years ago I started presenting myself as Chameleon Woman. I was born in Jujuy, Argentina, and was raised in Buenos Aires. Since a young age I have had a vivid imagination and creativity and used textures, colors and shapes to express, process and integrate my emotions and ideas through art.

In 1999 I moved to New York and in 2002 I was accepted to study Fashion Design at Fashion Institute of Technology, from which I graduated Magna Cum Laude in 2007. From the beginning of my studies I knew I wanted to use Fashion as my art expression and over time I started developing costumes and characters that would tell stories via different medium ( I.E photo, video, installations).

In 2009 I traveled to India and with the the inspiration of that experience I published a Yoga book for Children that can be found on Amazon US and UK. In 2010 I took Kundalini Teacher Training with Hari NYC. In 2015 I started a Kundalini Yoga clothing brand: Sadhana Básicos (closed in 2021).

All of my work is a way of understanding, explaining and integrating myself and with others about Universal concepts of love, acceptance and compassion. The combination of my art and spiritual practice creates the space for giving myself permission to open up, expand, demolish and transform ideas, thoughts and emotions that I recognize as limiting or constraining whenever I encounter them within my life at any given time.

Many times words are not enough for me to describe my feelings, therefore my art is an invitation to let you in closer to my heart and hopefully inspiring you to get closer to your own as well. There is always room for more. 

...I was telling you I present myself as Chamaleon Woman, because my deep curiosity and openness to allow life to flow through me has led me to explore multiple paths. I invite to connect with me to find out more, ask me questions about how we can work together, tell me a story to translate into a commissioned artwork for you or simply say hi. I always love to meet new souls.

Like we say with a good friend of mine: We are all in this together!

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