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Patricia Buraschi 


My name is Patricia Buraschi, I am a Holistic Therapist and Artist. I was born in Jujuy, Argentina, and was raised in Buenos Aires.  Since very young I have been very curious about life and how it interacts with us through its subtle language and communication presented in visual, symbolic and sometimes expressed in word through another human. Since I can remember color and texture has been a way for me to translate the messages, teachings and information that I receive to understand the inquiries I explore about.

In 1999 I moved to New York. In 2002 I started my Yoga and meditation journey. In 2007 I graduated Magna Cum Laude from Fashion Design at Fashion Institute of Technology. From the beginning I knew I wanted to use Fashion as my art expression and over time I started developing costumes and characters to tell stories. Overtime my practice emigrated to artworks in canvas

In 2009 I traveled to India and with the inspiration of that experience I published a Yoga book for Children, available on Amazon.  In 2010 got certified  Kundalini Yoga in NYC and in 2015 I started a Kundalini Yoga clothing brand: Sadhana Básicos.

Since moving to Miami in 2018 I have expanded my spiritual practice into Holistic Therapies. I offer Akashic Records readings and training, Family Constellations, Access Bars, Chakra Balancing and Space clearing through Akashic Records and Crystal Pendulum. 


My last book Oracle from the Akashic Records is a combination of my art with messages of the Akashic Records to expand and uplift people's lives.

My artwork has been exhibited in Miami Art Basel, Japan, Argentina, Greece and New York. 

I invite you to connect with me to find out more, ask me questions about how we can work together, tell me a story to translate into a commissioned artwork for you or simply say hi. I always love to meet new souls.

Thank you for stopping by! Enjoy the ride.

Patricia Buraschi

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