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I fu***d the Pharaoh


I fu***s the Paharoh is a ceremonial like painting based on a past life memory in Egypt where I was the Pharaoh secret lover. We had a deep connection, but our love was forbidden, unlawful and cursed by many filling our energetic fields and mental perceptions with many wrong and negative concepts about love and partnership. This alchemical process of creating the painting has allowed me to keep releasing any negative connotations about sexuality, intimacy and unconditional love from my current and past lives. The painting depicts the mistress's inner journey of self respect and confidence as a powerful and independent yet loving and lovable  woman. She and I are capable of giving and receiving love in a harmonious relationship in which both partners have a say, are seen and heard by the other and together go through what life brings at them. I invite you to meditate on the meaning of this painting and join us in the transformation.

Mixed media 30x48 inches

Year - 2021

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