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The Ave Fenix DYPTIC artwork is a mesmerizing piece that captures the transformation of the mystical bird from ashes to its renewed state. The mixed media approach used by the artist brings a unique blend of textures and colors to highlight the symbolism of the phoenix's story. This artwork is perfect for those who admire the symbolism of rebirth and growth, as it captures the essence of the ever-popular Ave Fenix in all its glory. Don't miss out on this one-of-a-kind piece that will keep up the spirit of renewal and transformation alive in any setting.


Mixed media: Acrylic paint, graphite, India Ink, charcoal, chalk, synthetic flowers.

Measurement 30x 48 inches + 30x 48 inches

Ave Fenix DYPTIC

  • Original artwork is not returnable or refundable. I am happy to answer all the questions you might have before placing your order.

  • Flat fee shipping to USA includes packaging supplies and handling fees. If you live 15 miles close to my studio we can arrange for a free of charge delivery to your home or office.

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