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I want my Custom Art Healing

Choosing to heal is not for the faint hearted and sometimes we need a reminder of our strength, beauty and essence while you ride the mysteries of our healing journey. With that in mind is how I created Custom Art Healing.


Through meditation on a photography provided by you I create a custom Art piece about your energy in that moment. There is a possibility that a message for you also comes during my meditation. Custom Art Healing can be combined with your Akashic Records reading.


The intention with this work is to have a reminder of your essence, your energy and make the best out of it.


Mixed media such as watercolor, Graphite, colored pencils, markers etc can be used in a 9x12” size paper. It will be shipped unframed, signed and with an authenticity certificate.


Turnaround time is 14 business days after your purchase.


**This purchase has no refunds.

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