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Welcome! My name is Patricia Buraschi, I am a Holistic Therapists and I offer courses, workshops and classes  that assist you to strengthen, elevate and expand your life.

I can assist you through:
  • Family Constellations Sessions
  • Akashic Records Readings and Trainings
  • Chakra balancing and space clearing
  • Kundalini Yoga + Meditation Classes 


My work will help you:

  • Get a deeper understanding about current situations and integration of the information you receive.

  • Ground yourself and expand your energy

  • Gain mental clarity and confidence

  • Shift towards positive thoughts and habits

  • Identify your next step for your highest good


Crystal Pendulum

Chakra balancing

In person or remote. How can this session assist you?

*declutter your energy

*create inner smooth flow

*untangles your mind and heart

*grounds your energy

*you can feel present and calm


Akashic Records reading


An Akashic Records reading consultation can help you see blinds spots that have been holding you in a place with no movement. Asking opens up a new life for you, through which you can perceive a situation, person or experience from a broader perspective where the answer you were looking for exists.

Oracle from the Akashic Records


This selection of illustrations and prompts will help you delve deeper into your mind, body, and soul.  Flip the pages and let your intuition guide you or go through the prompts consecutively. 

Yoga Book for Children

Spread self-love, self-worth and confidence upon the young ones around you with my Yoga book for Children. Filled with art and real life Yoga students. Available in English, Spanish and German. Add links to German and Spanish


Free guided meditation

Get your mind out of the cluttered thoughts and feel your energy uplift with this video

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