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Thank you for booking your Akashic Records reading!with me! I enjoy doing them very much. It is an exciting and adventurous journey and I am happy to assist you in it.


Please read the information below, which will help us both get ready for your reading.


Once I have all the info, I will do the reading and send you the answer in writing back within 5-7 days.


Below is the info I need from you in addition to the question you prepared for your reading. Please write everything in note section of your purchase. Thank you!


Info for consultation for people/homes/gardens: your full name and date of birth (DOB) as it appears on ID, full address (include city, country, apt, zip code) full name and DOB of other people you might be asking about as part of one of your questions.


Info for consultation of pets: Name of pet, DOB, full address (include city, country, apt, zip code)


P.S: Remember to include your questions.


Thank you for trusting and I’ll be in touch soon!


Have a wonderful day!


Space clearing, upliftment, expansion through Akashic Records

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